RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre
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ISSN-L 2068-519X
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Scientific Board

Editorial Board

Prof.Dr. Meng QINGYAN, China
Prof.Dr. Athanasios D. STYLIADIS, Greece
Prof.Dr.eng. Petros PATIAS, Greece
Prof.Dr. András SZEPES, Hungary
Prof. Dr. Béla MÁRKUS, Hungary
A/Prof.Dr.eng.habil.  Lóránt FÖLDVÁRY, Hungary
A/Prof.Dr.eng.habil. Jancsó TAMÁS, Hungary
A/Prof.Dr.eng.  Péter UDVARDY, Hungary
Prof.Dr.eng. Pietro GRIMALDI, Italy
Assoc.Prof.Dr.eng. Livia NISTOR-LOPATENCO, Moldova
Prof.Dr.eng. Alojz KOPÁČIK, Slovakia
Prof.Dr.eng. Moise Ioan ACHIM, Romania

Prof.Dr.eng. Ana Cornelia BADEA, Romania

Prof.Dr.eng. Gheorghe BADEA, Romania
Prof.Dr.eng. Nicolae BOŞ, Romania
Prof.Dr. Daniel BREAZ, Romania  
Prof.Dr.eng. Constantin COŞARCĂ, Romania
Prof.Dr.eng. Nicolae DIMA, Romania
Prof.Dr. Levente DIMEN, Romania
Prof.Dr.eng. Petre Iuliu DRAGOMIR, Romania

Prof.Dr.eng. Carmen GRECEA, Romania

Prof.Dr.eng. Sorin HERBAN, Romania

Prof.Dr.eng. Ioan IENCIU, Romania
Prof.Dr.eng. Raluca MANEA, Romania 
Prof.Dr.eng. Johan NEUNER, Romania
Prof.Dr.eng. Gheorghe NISTOR, Romania
Prof.Dr.eng. Dumitru ONOSE, Romania
Prof.Dr.eng. Mircea ORTELECAN, Romania
Prof.Dr.eng. Cornel PĂUNESCU, Romania
Prof.Dr.eng. Cosmin POPESCU, Romania
Prof.Dr.eng. Iosif VOROVENCII, Romania

Assoc.Prof.Dr.eng. Tudor BORŞAN, Romania

Assoc.Prof.Dr.eng. Constantin  CHIRILĂ, Romania

Assoc.Prof.Dr.eng. Luciana OPREA, Romania


Prof.Dr.eng. Ioan IENCIU
Associate Editor:
Prof.Dr. Levente DIMEN
Assoc.Prof.Dr.eng. Luciana OPREA

Editorial Staff:

Prof.Dr.eng. Ioan Moise ACHIM

Assoc.Prof.Dr.eng. Andreea Ramona BEGOV-UNGUR

Assoc.Prof.Dr.eng. Tudor BORŞAN

Assoc.Prof.Dr.eng. Constantin  CHIRILĂ

Assoc.Prof.Dr.eng. Eva Magdolna KONCSAG

Lect.Dr.eng. Alexandra Silvia DREGHICI

Lect.Dr.eng. Cristian ONU

Lect.Dr.eng. George Emanuel VOICU

Dr.eng. Florina VOICU

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