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RevCAD 7/2007 Cover
 Gh. Nistor, I. Nistor - Direct Algorithm for the Calculation of Vertical Displacements and Deformations of Constructions Using High-Precision Geometric Leveling     11
 C. Grecea - Cadastral Systems, New Trends and Experiences     19
 C. Grecea, A. Bala - High Performance Virtual GPS Permanent Stations     25
S. Herban, C. Musat - Developing Models in the Study and the Traking of Mouvement of Buildings     33
A. D. Styliadis - CAAD for Demolished Buildings Modeling with Reverse Engineering Functionality     41
I. Vorovencii - Use of the “Tasseled Cap” Transformation for the Interpretation of Satellite Images     75
I. Vorovencii - Aspects Regarding Digital Cameras Used in Aerial Photogrammetry     83
C. O. Andrei, C. Ruizhi - Tropospheric Delay Estimation Based on Numerical Weather Model     87
D. Badea, K. Jacobsen - Filtering Process of LiDAR Data     95
G. Badescu - The Kinematics Measurements “ Stop and Go “ Used in Cadastre Elevations from Localities     107
G. Badescu - Aspects Concerning the Automation of Topo-Cadastral Works     117
C. Chirila, G. Gavrilas - Aspects Concerning the Geo-reference of Geodesic Trapeziums within the Cadastral Information Systems     125
A. Mancia - Soil Management and Some Solutions for Soil Change     139
V. Basdekidou - An Economic Analysis for Landscape Developement in“Lahanokipoi” Area of Thessaloniki     143
D. Cirtina, C. Capatîna - Aspects Regarding the Impact of the Antropic Activities and Environment Factors Protection in the Touristic Area Rânca     157
D. C. Danuletiu - Public Financing of Environmental Programmes     161
A. E. Danuletiu, D. C. Danuletiu - Economic Instruments for Environment Protection and their Implication for Firms     171
R. G. Popa, I. R. Cornescu, E. C. Schiopu - Research Regarding the Influence of Hydro Technical Facilities on Jiu River Within the Control Section Vadeni-Tg-Jiu on Water Quality     179
M. Popa - Electrochemical and Spectrophotometrical Methods for the Environmental Control     187
G. Gavrilas, M. Gavrilas, C. Chirila - Energetic Efficiency in the Environmental Politics, Element of the Sustainable Development     193
C. Burja - Agro-Environmental Indicators for Agricultural Holdings     197
C. Burja - Analysis of Farming Sector from Sustainable Development Perspective     203
T. Goldan E. Cozma, I. Onica - Analysis of Three Forest Gap Models     209

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