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RevCAD 9/2009 Cover
 S. Dequal, H. I. Bendea, M. De Agostino, D. Marenchino, F. Nex, M. Piras - New Frontiers of Geomatics: Some Applications at the Politecnico Di Torino     11
  N. Hasanagas, A. D. Styliadis & O. E. Sideridou - Virtual Cultural Heritage Metadata     23
  S.M. Szepesné - Engineer Training on New Ways: Imagine, Create, Innovate!     33
  A. Lingua, D. Marenchino, F. Nex - A Comparison Between “Old and New” Feature Extraction and Matching Techniques in Photogrammetry     43
 A. Lingua, D. Marenchino, F. Nex - Automatic Digital Surface Model (DSM) Generation Procedure from Images Acquired by Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs)     53
  H. I.  Bendea, A. Cina, M. De Agostino, M. Piras - A Low Cost Solution as an Alternative to Traditional Mobile Mapping System     65
 A. R. Moradi, F. Alemi - Wavelet Transform and its Application to Detect the Blunders in an Observation Vector     77
  N. Hasanagas, V. Kyriakou, A. Styliadis, N. Kara, S. Saoulidou, Th. Katsika - Familiarity & Perception of Small Urban Monuments     87
  M.M. Csordásné, Szepes A. - Applying Methods of Constructivist Pedagogy in the Training of Engineers Questions of Methodology in Developing Course Material     99
 N. Avramiuc, P. I. Dragomir, T. Rus - Algorithm for Direct and Inverse Coordinate Transformation Between ETRS89  CRS and S-42 CRS     105
C. Moldoveanu, M. Plopeanu - The General Presentation of the Coordinate Reference Systems     115
C. Coşarcă, A. Jocea, A. Savu - Analysis of Error Sources in Terrestrial Laser Scanning     125
 N. Boş, M. Palamariu - Regarding Bringing in General Cadastral Survey in Romania     135
C. Grecea, A. C. Bălă, H. Márton - Geospatial Information – Modern Tool for an Efficient Administration of Cemeteries In Timişoara     141
D. C. Docan, P. I. Dragomir - Testing Metadata Compatibility     149
A. Ilieş, D. Vasilca - Sequential Compensation of Geodetic Networks. Least Square Method with Initial Data Obtained from a Previous Adjustment     157
Gh. Nistor, Gh. Sălceanu - Analysis of Vertical Deformations and Displacements of a Building using High Precision Leveling in the Absence of the Fixed Reference Network     169
M. Palamariu, V. Buda, A. R. Iancu - The Use of Digital Elevation Models in Generating Real - Time 3D Environments: A Case Study     177
I.  Vorovencii - The Satellite Images Ikonos 2 Used in Analysis of Urban Zones     187
I.  Vorovencii, M. Palamariu, L. Dimen, E. M. Koncsag - The Use of Vegetation Indices to Establish the Land Use     193
S. Herban - Measuring and Determinate the Dynamic Deformation of Constructions using Modern Theologies and Techniques     201
C. Spătar, C. Spătar, C. B. Spătar - Conducting Underground Digging Works by Classic and Modern Working Methods     209
I. Stoian, A. Anghelescu, V. Nacu, D. Nicolae, V. Olaru - Geodetic Models for Earthquakes, Landslides and Floods Monitoring     217
V. Olaru, I. Stoian, C. Stan, C. Marunţeanu, D. Scradeanu, B. Ştefanescu - Decision Support System for Landslide Risk Management in a Geographical Area with High Risk for Natural Disasters – Terrarisc     233
M. Sturza - Dimensionality of Spatial Data     241
 A. Mancia - The Land Market in Romania in 2008     245
I. E. Keller, Ş.  Bilaşco, I. Haidu, B. Văduva - Using GIS to Determine the Flooded Areas and Risk Assessment in the Water Supply System     249
M. Mihăilă, E. Iordache - The Digitized Data Management Supported by Modern Technology on the Romanian Forest Conditions     259
C. Bofu, M. Diac, S. Bofu - The Integration of a Topographical  and Cadastral  Database of a River Basin into a GIS Application  and the 3D Forming Operation of the Basin in Case     265
G. Droj, Ş. Suba, A. Buda - Modern Techniques for Evaluation of Spatial Data Quality     275
C. Chirilă, M. Diac - Conversion of the Plane Rectangular Coordinates Between the Cartographical Projections Stereo-70 and U.T.M., Defined on the International Reference Ellipsoid W.G.S. 84     283
V. David - New Developments in Photogrammetry     289
M. Herbei, O. Herbei, R. Ular - Principles for Accomplishing the Digital Model of the Terrain     293
A. Bălă - Improvement of the Monitoring Methods of the Surfaces Movements, Situated in the Mining Zones     301
G. Bădescu, O. Ştefan - Particularities of  Elaborating the Cadastral Documentation Required for the First Registration of Romanian Roads into the Land Register     305
D. Badea, A. Jocea, A. Negrilă - 3D City Modelling by Combination of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data and Images      309
G. Adam - Making a Survey of the Public Utility Real Estate and a 3D Visualization of Buildings     319
E. Iordache - The Importance of SDI in the Context of Sustainable Development of Romanian Forestry     329
B. Moroşanu - „Noi Topografii” – Online Topography     335
M. D. Muntean - Conversia 2007 Resulting from The  Brainstorming Technique     345
C. C. Tereşneu, M. M. Vasilescu - GIS Possibilities and Topographical Measurements on Torrential Hydrographyc Network Used to Elaborate Risk Maps of Flooding     353
M. Ortelecan, A. Ciotlăuş, J. Vereş, N. Pop - Considerations Regarding the Realization of a Traverse Control Network Necessary to Delimitate Some Real Estates     363
A. Popa, A. Dreghici - Using Digital Level Trimble Dini for Building Vertical Shiftings Determination     371
D. Mihai, R. Mudura - Geographical Information System Used in Land Reclamation     377


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