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RevCAD 10/2010 Cover
  C. O. Andrei, D. Salazar, R. Chen - Performance Analysis of the Precise Point Positioning Technique at BUCU IGS Station    9
  C. Baba, A. Ungur - The Role of Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising County Offices in the Local and Regional Planning Process    21
  N. Bos, M. Palamariu - Means of Achieving a Basic Cadastral Plan    25
C. I. Bota, A. C. Bala, F. M. Brebu - The Accuracy of Geodetic Measurements Using Virtual Reference Stations    31
A. S. Buda, E. M. Koncsag, N. Sz. Suba - Stone Quarry Scanning Techniques Using DR Total Stations    35
 I. Dana, Fl. Zavoianu - 3D Exploitation of Satellite Images for DEM Generation    43
V. David, M. Sturza - The Integration of Digital Photogrammetric Datasets in GIS    53
C. Didulescu - A Study Concerning the Possibility of Apply Different Queries on Textual Cadastral Database    57
C. Didulescu - The 3D Urban Model, a New Tool in Support of Urban Planning    65
R. D. Dospinescu, G. C. Adam, A. Chiriac - Drafting the Topographic and Bathymetric Study for Designing the Investments Object LACUSTRIAN TOWN on Siutghiol Lake, Mamaia     71
 R. D. Dospinescu, G. C. Adam, G. I. Mihai - GIS Project Constanta    81
C. Grecea, A. C. Bala, C. I. Bota - Spatial Planning – Modern Tool of Urban Management and Control    91
 N. D. Hasanagas, A. D. Styliadis, E. I. Papadopoulou, P. K. Birtsas - Land Policy & Socio-Spatial Impacts in a Burned Forest: The Case of Chalkidiki, Greece (2006)    99
I. S. Herban, C. C. Musat - Determinate Dynamic Deformation of Constructions Using Integrated System – Leica 1200    113
M. V. Herbei, O. Herbei, R.C. Ular - Performing A G.I.S. in the Areas Affected by the Underground Mining Exploitations     119
D. Mihai, R. Mudura, M. Breazu - Rosia Montana Project – 3D Modeling for Progesive Development and Ecological Rehabilitation    129
R. Mudura, D. Mihai, S. Cazanescu, B. Venedict, N. Sarbu - Rehabilitation of Hydro-Technical Constructions Developed for Irrigation Perimeters by Three-Dimensional Investigation    137
C. C. Musat, I. S. Herban - The Use Of 3D Laser Point Technologies for Monitoring Historical and Architectural Structures    145
 G. Nagy, A. Szepes - 3D in GIS    153
M. Palamariu, M. Afrasinei, D. Afrasinei - Means of Monitoring the Bridges Behaviour in Time    159
M. Sturza, V. David - Cartography – a Necessity of Our Days    171
 S. Suba, S. Nistor, A. F. Jocea - The Analyze of the Transmission Possibilities of Differential Data Corrections in the Given Radio Infrastructure Context     177
D. Vasilca, A. Ilies - Stereographic Projections for Romania    185
E. Iordache, M. Mihaila - Evaluation of GPS Performance in Romanian Mountain Forests    194
A. M. Cordos - Entries in the Land. Action for Benefit Tabulated     201
A. M. Cordos - Correction of Land book. End of the Main Application Enhancement Request. Material Competence of the Court    204
Online Academic Collaboration Network in Order to Develop the Ability to Provide Superior Competences in the Field of Geodesy (Reţea de colaborare universitară online în scopul dezvoltării capacităţii de a furniza competenţe superioare în domeniul geodeziei)    207


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