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RevCAD 14/2013 Cover
P. Dumitru, M. Plopeanu, O. Badescu - Modelling the Romanian Quasigeoid using EGG97 Model, GNSS and Levelling Measurements     5
I. E. Keller, M. Munteanu, S. Nas, V. Dohotar - Cadastral Data Integration and Spatial Analysis for a Cadastral Sector, UAT Somcuta Mare, Maramures County    13
A. Koskina, N. Hasanagas - The Water Element as Aesthetic Factor in Landscape Design     21
P.F. Mursa - Forest Parameter Estimation by LIDAR Data Processing     27
A. Negrila, D. Onose, A. Savu - The Use of Laser Scanner for Monitoring Static Tested Construction     37
E. Papadopoulou, C. Ladias, N. Hasanagas, N. Zafiri, A. Diamantopoulos, A. Zacharopoulou, A. Stogianni - Quarry Disturbance & Restoration Scenarios: The Prosotsani (Greece) Quarry Case     45
C. Paunescu, I. C. Ciuculescu, I. E. Barbusoiu - Considerations Implementation Systematically Cadastre     53
C. Paunescu, V. Paunescu, A. C. Anton - Comparative Study on Obtaining Coordinates in Areas Away from Circle of Zero Strain of the Stereographic 1970 System     59
A. Ilies, D. Vasilca - Fuzzy Logic – An Alternative to Conventional Methods for Identifying Outliers for Processing Geodetic Networks    65
M. Plopeanu, O. Badescu, P. Dumitru - The Vertical Atmospheric Pressure Gradient Estimation in the Lower Terrestrial Atmosphere     74
N. Pop, M. Ortelecan, A. Ciotlaus, G. Badescu, R. Badescu, T. Salagean, I. Veres - Considerations on the Execution of a Collector for Wastewater Located in the Downtown of Cluj-Napoca     81
E. M. Popa, C. B. Spatar - Blunder Detection in Geodetic Networks     87
A. T.G. Radulescu, Gh. M.T. Radulescu - Some Aspects of the Monitoring of Incheon Grand Bridge in a Permanent Quasi-static Regime Some Aspects     97
C. Radulescu, V. M. G.M.. Radulescu - Enterprise Resource Planning as Part of an Efficient System in Mining Data Base     107
Gh. M.T. Radulescu, A. T. G.M.. Radulescu - Considerations Regarding Structural Monitoring, from Static to Dynamic Methods     115
V.A. Roib - Aspects Regarding the Best Use of Land in Expropriated Real Estate Valuation     125
M. Roman, I. Neuner - Commissioning and Investigations Regarding a Low-Cost GPS Monitoring System     129
T. Rus., C. Moldoveanu, V. Danciu - Considerations on the State of Romanian National Geodetic Network     139
A. Saracin, C. Cosarca, A. Jocea - Dam Deformation Measurements using Terrestrial InterferometricTechniques     151
A. Savu, C. Didulescu - Processing, Analysis and Interpretation Softwares Used for Laser Scanning. Comparative Study     161
A. Simion (Neagu) - Basic Concepts of Landslides Monitoring using Early Warning Systems     169
A. Szepes, G. László - 3D GIS Solution Applied in Surveying Engineering    177
C.C. Teresneu, M.M. Vasilescu - Possibilities to Automatize the Process of Elaboration the Cadastral Documentation     179
F. Vatafu Tiganesteanu - A Centrally Managed GIS System for Protection of the Romanian Archaeological Sites, Ensembles and Historical Monuments     189
I. Vorovencii, M. D. Muntean - Evaluation of Supervised Classification Algorithms for Landsat 5 TM Images     197
M. Palamariu, M. Puscas - Using Engineering Survey Techniques for the Railways Project in Sierra Leone     207
C. B. Spatar, C. Spatar, C. R. Spatar - Geocentre Motion: Terminology and Measurement Aspects    218

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