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RevCAD 17/2014 Cover
I.M. Moisoiu, A.C. Rădulescu - Improvements of 1D River Mathematical Modelling Using River Database     5
A.M. Moscovici, C. Grecea, I. Costescu - Approaching Noise Pollution from the Point of View of the Elements Introduced in the Specific Databases     12
C. Mototolea - Application of the Laser-Tracker in the Aeronautics Industry     19
V. Nacu, V. Vasilescu - Geodesy at the Boundary Geosciences     27
Gh. Nistor, I.C. Greşită, C. Onu - Calculation Algorithm for the Determination of Vertical Deformations and Displacements of Constructions, Using Precision Trigonometric Leveling     36
L. Nistor-Lopatenco, C. Soimu, A. Pantaz - Implementation of Informational System "State Register of Administrative-Territorial Units and Localities of the Republic of Moldova     44
S. Nistor, A.S. Buda - Velocity Component Analysis on a GNSS Network     52
E. Oniga - A New Method for Buildings 3D Models Comparison     60
C. Onu - The Need to Implement Construction Deformation Spatial Monitoring Systems in Romania     68
V.Păunescu, A.I.Iliescu, C. Păunescu - GIS for Local Govemance     75
M. Plopeanu, O. Bădescu, D.P. Dumitru, D. Badea, A. Călin - Verification Methods of the Secondary Batteries Capacity, the Main Power Supply of the Surveying Instruments     84
A.C. Rădulescu, C.I. Vintilă, P.I. Dragomir - Improving the Techniques for Collection, Processing and Use of Information on Municipal Infrastructure     92
G. Rusu, C. Grecea, C.C. Muşat - Research on Systematic Land Registration as an Efficient Tool for Urban Development and Noise Mapping in Romania     98
A. Sărăcin, C. Coşarcă, A. Savu, A. Negrilă - TBM Guidance Systems for Tunnel Construction     106
I. Stoian, C.A. Stoian - The Use of Digital Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Technologies to Update Graphic Data Bases in a Cadastral Specialised     114
J. Strodachs - Measuring Rivers and Lakes Using a Model Boat     127
N.S. Suba, Ş. Suba - CAD and GIS Interoperability - Myth or Possibility?     133
T. Toderaş, N. Pop - Aspects Regarding the Stereoscopic Editing of Digital Photograms in Updating the Topographic Plans     137
A.M.Trifan - Displacements Determination Using Scanning with Total Station and Reflectorless Method     145
P. Udvardy, N. J. Horosz-Gulyas, M. Katona, J. Katonane, K. Gombas - Complex Eco-Environmental Study on Urban Area of Székesfehérvár     153
D. Vele, I. Pop. M. Ortelecan, T. Sălăgean - Aspects Regarding the Monitoring of Weight Dams by Geodetic Measurements     161
D. Vele, I. Stoian - GNSS Technology Application for the Monitoring of Fantanele Dam, in County Cluj     169
C.I. Vintilă, A.C. Rădulescu, P.I. Dragomir - Modern Techniques of Lands and Constructions Deformation Monitoring     177
A. N. Visan - 3D Building Models in GIS Environments     185
I. Vorovencii, M.D. Muntean - Relative Radiometric Normalization Methods: Overview and an Application to Landsat Images     193


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