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RevCAD 20/2016 Cover
S. Apostol, C. Bofu, M. Afrăsinei - Zonal Study for the Optimum Placement of a Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric Superior Reservoir      5
A.C. Badea, G. Badea - Considerations on Open Source Gis Software vs. Proprietary GIS Software      15
I. Balan, L. Crenganiș, F. Corduneanu - Flood Analysis using Mike 11 by DHI and ArcGIS. Case Study - The Flood in the Upper Catchment of River Geru, Galaţi County, Romania     27
C. Bofu, L. Crenganiș, H. Hogaş, B. Mandache - The Utility of GIS in Antisocial Events Monitorisation     39
G. Droj, L. Droj - GIS Based Automated Valuation Models - A Genuine Solution for Real Estate Valuation in Romania     45
G. Gavrilas, L. Crenganiș - Aspects Regarding the Modeling of Water Distribution Networks using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and the Epaet Program     53
G. Gavrilas, L. Crenganiș - The Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Upgrading  Water Distribution and Sewerage Systems     59
E.C. Ilie, S. Ioneanu, I. Petrusi-Rosianu, A. Călin - GIS in Tourism     65
I. Lateș, L. Crenganiș - Seismic Hazard Maps of the Buildings with 3D Modelling in GIS Application     73
C. Marcu, C. Catita, L. Crenganiș, F. Statescu - A GIS Based Assessment of Renewable Energy Sources in Romania and Its Impact on Isolated Areas     79
G. L. Merciu, V. Păunescu, S. Plăvicheanu - The Geographic Information System for Public Administration Regarding the Updating of Green Cadastre. The Case Study of Bucharest     87
C.C. Muşat, F.M. Brebu, A.C. Bălă, I.S. Herban - Resources Development Geospatial Data using the Digital Topographic Plan of Romania- Topro5     93
M.M. Trelia, G.A. Căluță, A.R. Sima, G. Puenaru, T.A. Radu, A. Călin - The Requirement of Implementing GIS in Urban Development     99
C. Boariu, C. Bofu - Structural Design for Embankment Dam Bottom-Discharge Conduit. Case Study     107
M. Luca, A. Bălan - Research of Morphological Processes into the Moldova Riverbed using Periodic Topographic Measurements     115
I. Nichersu, I. Nichersu, M. Mierlă - Applications of Fractal Geometry in Morpho-Hydrographic Network of the Danube Delta Potamology     123
L.A. Popoiu, R. Mitroi - Evaluation of Ecological Potential of Barrier Lakes on Phytoplankton and Phytobenthos as Required by the Water Directive 2000/60/EC     131
G.E. Proca - Land Measurements in Residential Construction Engineering in The Context of Changing the Law 10/1995 on Construction Quality     139
C.F. Scripcariu, M. Luca - Consideration on Hydraulic Reabilitation of Accessible Wastewater Collectors     143











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