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RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre
RevCAD 28 / 2020


RevCAD 28/2020 Cover

A. C. Badea, G. Badea - An Overvew of Geoprocessing and Export Options for Creating 3D GIS Models Using Drone2Map        7
G. Badea, A. C. Badea - On the Generalization Algorithms Applied in GIS Environment        15
A. Begov Ungur, P.E. Petruța - Topo-Cadastral Works for the Modernization of Forest Roads in Avram Iancu Commune in Order to Increase the Economy and Investments in the Region        23

C.G. Benedic, I. Neuner - The Predicting of the Average Temperatures Evolution from Romania and the Resuts Visualisation with the Geographical Information Systems        29
A. N. Cîrdei, D. Răboj - Smart City as a Solution to Overcoming Crisis Situations        37
I. Ienciu, R. Drașovean - Use of Digital Land Models in Automated Execution of Embankment Works        45

I. Ienciu, R. Drașovean - Topographic Works Necessary to Prevent Landslide on Forest Roads        51

T. Jancso, P. Udvardy, A. Varga  - Application of UAVs in Education and Research        59

L.Oprea, I.Voina, D.Cioara - Study Regarding the Degree of Performance the Cadastre Works in Crăciunelu de Jos Territorial Administrative Unit        67

D. Răboj, A. N. Cîrdei - Smart Value Report        75

D. P.  Safta,  I. Neuner - Improving Semantic Modeling with the Help of Augmented Reality        81

D. P.  Safta,  I. Neuner - The Use of Several Types of Geometric Modeling to Create the Model of  a Historical Building        87

E.A. Savu - Brief History of the Height Reference Systems Used along the Romanian Sector of the Danube River        95

F.Voicu,  G.E.Voicu,  I. Voina - Planning and Development of Tourism in the Șureanu Massif. Analysis of the Hydrographic Touristic Potential        105

G.E.Voicu, F.Voicu, I. Voina - Digitalization of the National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising Services through E-Terra and E-Pay Applications in the Context of the COVID Pandemic 19        115

I. Voina, L. Oprea, T. Borșan - Possibilities for Real-Time Monitoring of COVID-19 Pandemics        123

I. Voina, G.E.Voicu, F.Voicu - Study on the Evolution of the Displacement and Deformation of  the Surface Produced by the Exploitation of Iron Deposits in the Mining Perimeter of Ghelari, Hunedoara County, Romania        131

I. Vorovencii - Analyzing the Sprawl of Built-Up Areas Using Landsat Data and the Normalized Difference Built-Up Index        139

B. Kumi-Boateng, Y.Y. Ziggah - Toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Testing the Capability of Machine Learning in Predicting Normal Gravity        147