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RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

This journal uses double-blind review. To ensure the quality standards of the „RevCAD - Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre”, the scientific papers received from the authors are subject to blind peer reviewing by Scientific Board. The objective of the scientific evaluation is ensuring that all the papers that are accepted to be published in journal have a high value of the scientific content and original contributions to the specific topic.


The Peer-Review Scientific Board members ensure that:

-          the manuscripts correspond to the requirements of the „Instruction for Authors”;

-          the title of the paper corresponds to the topics of the journal;

-          the paper is original and brings new aspects and contributions to the field;

-          the paper has an adequate scientific content;

-          the „aims” of the work is clearly stated;

-          the eventual measurements are interpreted adequately in the „discussion” section;

-          the „English wording” is readable and acceptable.


Recommendation for publication:

-          Reject (explain reason in report);

-          Accept without revision;

-          Revise – either major or minor (explain the revision that is required).


The editor ultimately decides whether to accept or reject the article.