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RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre


RevCAD 33/2022 Editorial Board


 I. Agapie (Mereuță), M. Luca, P.M. Gherasim - Monitoring the Stability of Earthdams using Local Geodetic Networks      7  

G.C. Baltariu, C. Bofu - A GIS for the Pedological Soil Mapping of Popricani Area in Iasi County       17  

I. Botnarenco, L. Ciugureanu - The Influence of Land Reform on the Process of Territorial Organization       27

A.P. Frenţ, A.C. Badea, P.I. Dragomir - Geospatial Data Management Related to Expropriation Works       33   

 S.M. Gogoaşă - Geospatial Data Integration using GIS-CAD Software       41

 I.G. Ignat (Ștefan), M. Luca  - Studies on the Real-Time Monitoring of Gura Apelor Dam       51

 I. Marin Lazăr - nZEB Energy Atlas - Tool for Energy Reconfiguration at the Level of Urban Area       59

 M. Palamariu, A. Dreghici, I. Tulbure - Role of Buildings Life Cycle Assessment for Shaping Sustainable Cities       63

 C. Șoimu, I. Botnarenco - Land Rights Registration Process in the Republic of Moldova       71

D. Vasilca - Maps Reflecting Population Displacement Caused by War       77

A.A.  Mureșan - GBT-based Finite Element Formulation for Elastic Buckling Analysis of Conical Shells       85

T. Bajura, E. Zubco - 20 Years of Operation of the Agricultural Land Market in the Republic of Moldova. Achievements and Perspectives       93


T. Borșan, M.C. Neamțu - Analysis of the Territorial Accessibility Model in Alba Iulia Municipality       101


I. Marin Lazăr - Influence of Renewable Energy Sources on the Energy Balance in Urban Areas Reconfigured using the nZEB Energy Atlas Tool       109


C.D.I. Borza, A. Begov Ungur, A. Dreghici - UAV Technology Used for Monitoring a Mining Site       115


G.E. Voicu, F. Voicu - The Application of the New Codes Necessary for the Approval of the Registration Documents in the Land Register Within the National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising       123