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RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre



RevCAD 15/2013 Cover
Gh. Nistor - Bicentennial Technical and Engineering Higher Education in Romanian 1813-2013. Remember: Gheorghe Asachi     7
C-tin O. Andrei, M. Cardei - On the Performance of Real-Time Network-Based GNSS Positioning     13
Gh. Badea, A. C. Badea - Considerations Regarding the Implementation of the Technical Specifications in the Urban Information System     23
 I. Bene - Real Estate Evaluation in Romania under European Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings 2010/31/UE     33
 V. Chiriac, L. Nistor Lopatenco - EGNOS Extension to Eastern Europe. Trail Flights in Republic of Moldova     43
C-tin Chirila, A. C-tin Popia, A.V. Smadici - Testing Coordinates of Network Control Points for Monitoring Horizontal Displacements of Hydrotechnical Constructions     51
T. S. Clinci, P. I. Dragomir - Unconventional Techniques of Positioning     61
 L. M. Crenganis - The Use of GIS in Water Cadaster     69
C. Didulescu, A. Savu, C. Coşarcă, A. Negrilă - Modelling a Hydrographic Basin using Geospatial Data     75   
L. Dimen, T. Borsan, N. Ludusan, I. Vintan - GIS Analysis of Morphometric Factors in the Zlatna Depression, Alba County     85
P. I. Dragomir, C. Mototolea - Measurement Techniques in Aeronautics Industry     95
 D. P. Dumitru, C-tin Cosarca, A. Calin, A. Savu, A. Negrila - Modelling the Quasigeoid for the Prut-Barlad Hydrographical Basin Area     105
 Cr. Hutanu, D. Padure, D. C-tin Nica - The Realization of Statistical Representations Based upon Updates Cadastral Data of a Vineyard Unit Limitrophe to the City of Iassy     113  
 M. Popia (Ilica) - Terestrial Laser Scanning Technology Used in the Field of Shipbuilding     121
 I. E. Keller, C. Faur, S. Nas, V. Dohotar - Usage of GIS in Determining Optimal Locations for Parking Spaces. Application on a Cadastral Sector from the City of Baia Mare,Maramureş County     129
 V. Moca, A. Popia, Gh. Sălceanu, O. Radu, M. Cârdei - Assessment of the Cadastral Database Integration Accuracy from the Local Coordinate System into the Stereographic - 1970 Projection, in Iasi city      137
A. Negrilă, D. Onose - Dam Monitoring using Terrestrial Laser Scanning     149
D. C-tin Nica, Cr. Hutanu, D. Padure - Aspects on the Achievement of the Database of a City Land Registry Information System     159

 Gh. Nistor - The Establishing of the Coefficients of Correlation Between the Compensated Variables or Between the Functions of the
Compensated Variables by Rigorous Methods     167
S. Nistor, A. S. Buda - Large Industrial Scanning     175
 O. Odalovic, S. Grekulovic, H. Al-gharabli, D. Blagojevic, V. V. S. Naod - Comparisons of Global Geopotential Models with Terrestrial Gravity Data in Libya     181
 E. Oniga, C-tin Chirila - Hausdorff Distance for the Differences Calculation Between 3D Surfaces     193
M. Ortelecan, I. Pop, N. Pop, R. Joldis, T. Salagean - Issues Regarding the Geodetic Support Network Restoration from Cojocna Experimental Didactic Station Perimeter, to USAMV Cluj-Napoca     203

D. Padure, Cr. Hutanu, D. C-tin Nica - The Utility of the Database Management of Real Estate Cadastral Informational System through GIS Softwares     211

 V. Pagounis, V. D. Andritsanos, A. Papathanasiou, L. Tournas, M.Tsakiri - The Use of Terrestrial Laser Scanning in the Development of Models for a Heritage Building Information System     219

M. Palamariu, M. Puscas - The Automation of Activities in the Field of Application of Tehnical-Engineering Projects Using 3D Modeling     229

C. Păunescu, C. Ciuculescu, V. Păunescu - Achievement of Salvation - Evacuation Mapping for Henry Coanda Airport     237

M. C. Petrila, A. E. Mălinici - Usage of Free Data in Natural Resource Management and Territorial Planning     243

M. Plopeanu, D. P. Dumitru, D. Badea, A. Calin, O. Badescu - Considerations on the Use of CCD and CMOS Sensors in Geodesy     253
A. Sărăcin, C-tin Cosarcă, A. Savu, A. Negrilă  - Analysis of Displacements and Deformations for a Sludge Fermentation Tank (RFN4) of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Glina     261
A. Savu, D. Onose, C-tin Cosarca, C. Didulescu, A. Negrilă - Terrestrial Laser Scanning of the Hydrotechnical Objectives in Hydrographic Space Dobrogea - Litoral     271
V. Sorta - Romanian Active Geodetic Reference Network. The evolution of the Romanian Position Determination System – ROMPOS     279
 D. Badea, M. Plopeanu, P. D. Dumitru, A. Calin - Filtering the DSM     285
C-tin Coşarcă, P. D. Dumitru, A. Savu, A. Negrilă, A. Călin, A. Sărăcin, C. Didulescu - Geodesic Technical Assistance for Hazard and Flood Risk Maps in Hydrographic Space Prut – Barlad     296

D. Georgescu, Gh. Nistor - Integrated Geographic Informational System, in Monitoring the Roads     311
 H. Hogas, C. Pirvan, A. Lazar - Background on Making a Geografic Information System Database for the Hydro-Ameliorative Layout "The Berezeni Organisation for the Use of Water for irrigation"     322

C. Păun, E. Oniga - ALS Data for Vegetation Analysis     329

D. Vasilica - An Analysis of Mercator"s Map: "Transsylvania"     338