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RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre



RevCAD 6/2006 Cover
  A. D. Styliadis, I. D. Karamitsos, D. I. Zachariou - E-Learning for Spatial Information Systems with personalized functionality     5
  A. D. Styliadis, I. D. Karamitsos, D. I. Zachariou - E-Activities in Re-Usable GIS Applications     13
 V. Moca, A. C. Popia, Gh. Salceanu - Studies of the Linear and Surface Deformations of Cartographcal Projections Used in Introduction Works of General Survey in Iasi City     19
V. Nacu - Geodesy at the Edge of Geosciences     29
I. N. Leu - Economic Land and Real Estate Register-Between Existence and Efficiency     39
Gh. Nistor, I. Nistor - Algorithm for the Calculation of the Horizontal Deformation Vector for a Structure Using the Rigourous Forward Multiple Intersection Method    43
E. M. Koncsag - Evaluation Report     50
I. Padure , D. E. Harda - The Management and Cadastral Survey of the Public Utility Networks for the Localities and the Creation of the Data Bank     53
F. Balaneanu, L. Oprea - The Application of the Parcelling Design in the Field     61
A. Popia, V. Moca, R. Popia - L’automatisation du calcul et de la compensation des réseaux de nivellement géometrique géodesique    65
M. Badut, G. Blidaru - A Model of Exploiting the Ortho-Photograms for Checking and Receiving the Sporadic Cadastre Works and for Graphical Database Completing     71
I. Vorovencii - Removal of Topographic Effects from Satellite Images     77
E. M. Koncsag - Topography Mining in Market Economy Terms     83
I. Vorovencii - The Classification of the Content of the Satellite Images by Unsupervised Method    87
D.E. HARDA - GIS Application within Archaeological Cadastral System     91
G. Proca, C. Proca - Aspects Concerning Rehabilitation of Old Masonries     99
E. M. Koncsag - Integration of Topographic Information into GIS     105
G. Proca, M. Proca - Considerations Concerning Using GPS Technology to Rehabilitate Constructional Work     109
 R. Manea - Automatic Administration of the Improvements of Land Reclamation in Present Conditions of Property Structures on Agricultural Grounds     113
G. Badescu - The Kinematic Measurements “ Stop And Go “ Used in Cadastre Elevations from Localities     121
I. Mihailescu - Engineering Techniques Applied in Industrial Measurements Field     131
 T. Goldan, E. Cozma, I. Onica - General Aspects of Aquatic Environment Management     139
  V. Burja, C. Burja - Sustainable Development in Viticulture     143
S.V. Leahu, E. M. Koncsag - Proposals to Set up a Geographic Information System for Locality Management     151
O. L. Muntean, L. Dragut, N. Baciu, L. Dimen - GIS for Environmental and Landscape Assessment (A Case-Study: Târnava Mare River Corridor, Transylvanian Tableland)     159
L. Oprea, E. M. Koncsag - Geodezic Network Check up Using Distance Measurements     165

 IN MEMORIAM – Prof. univ. dr. ing. Ionita PĂDURE     171