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RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre
RevCAD 22 / 2017



RevCAD 22/2017 Cover

A.C. Badea, G. Badea - Areas Affected by Wildfires in Thasos Island using GIS     5
G. Badea, A.C. Badea - Surveying Students" Opinion using GIS Web App      13
I. Botnarenco, E. Zubco, S. Popescul - Land Registration and Multifunctional Integrity of Cadastre     23
D. G. Butnariu, F. Stătescu, M. C. Mărgărint, M. Niculiţă - The Recent Evolution of the Prut River Channel in the Territorial Administrative Unit of Prisăcani Commune - Iaşi County     31
O. Buzu - Institutional Aspects for Improvement of the Current System for Real Property Appraisal for Tax Purposes in Moldova      41
V. Chiriac, A. Vlasenco - Development of Transformation Parameters Data Base for MOLDPOS Service     49
I. Danii, V. Mocreac, M. Ovdii, P. Ivancenco, D. Cotovici - National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Republic of Moldova     57

C. Erhan, I. Spiroiu, R.D.N. Crișan, N. Avramiuc, M. Flueraș - Geo-Gravimetric Quasi-Geoid Determination over Romania      65

R. Farcaş, S. Naş, I. Vereș, A. Poruțiu - Tracking Vertical Movements of the Surface Associated to a Closed Mine      75

E.C. Gabor, C. Iosub - Mobile Mapping Systems for Airports - Case Study Timişoara "Traian Vuia" International Airport     83

V. Grama, L. Nistor-Lopatenco, A. Iacovlev, M. Prodan - Contributions to the Developing of the Register of Addresses in Republic of Moldova     93

I. C. Greșiță, I. Maican - Distribution Maps for Protected Area Rosci 0299 - Dunărea La Gârla Mare Maglavit      103

C. Huţanu, O. Radu, D. Pădure - Configuring of Agricultural Parcels in Vineyards With a View to Setting up a Depending on the Conditions of the Relief of the Area     109

N.V. Iurist (Dumitrașcu), V.E. Oniga, F. Statescu, C. Marcu - Floods Damage Estimation Using Sentinel-1 Satellite Images. Case Study-Galati County, Romania      115

I. Lateş, M. Luca - The Management of Water Supply System Using GIS Aplication      123

O. Lerke, V. Schwieger - Evaluation of the Control Quality for Tachymetric Controlled Vehicles      131

A. Loghin, I. Giurma, E. Oniga - Digital Surface Models derivation from Airborne Laser Scanning Data      141

R. Manea, M. Calin, A.M. Moscovici, V. Paunescu, A. Virsta, T. Salagean - Romanian Cadastre Involvement in Climate Change Policy      151

C.S. Manu, I. Boroica, D.F. Tivig, M.C. Costea - Digital Terrain Model In Mining Topography Aplications      157

C. Marcu, F. Stătescu, N.V. Iurist (Dumitrașcu) - Extraction of Tree Crowns and Heights Using LIDAR Data      163

I.D. Miftode, G. Romanescu - Using GIS Techniques for Identification of the Surfaces with Flash-Flood Risk Potential Within the Area Upstream of Poiana Uzului Reservoir      171

M.M. Moise - GaussCAD - a WebGIS Application for Collecting Cadastral Data      183

I. Nichersu, I. Nichersu - Fractal Analysis on Cartographic Documents of Black Sea      191

C.D. Paun, V.E. Oniga, P.I. Dragomir, M. Diac - The Remotely Piloted Aircraft System for 3D Modelling of a Cultural Heritage Building     203

L.A. Popoiu, C.R. Giurma-Handley - Research of Surface Waters Quality in Hilly Areas with Model "WaQ"      213

L.A. Popoiu, I. Giurma - Research on Water Quality in Small and Medium Barrier Lakes in Hilly Areas with Bathub Model     221

G. Săndulache, G.E. Proca - Land"s Valuation. Case Study     231

M. Luca, F.A.C. Creţu, C.F. Scripcariu - Considerations on Topographic Parameters of Rehabilitation Sewer Collectors     237

S. Zeicu (Chiorean), D. Onose, M. Ortelecan, M. Palamariu - Statistical Modeling Applied in Real Estate Valuation     243
E. Zubco, I. Botnarenco, S. Popescul - The Impact of Land Registration on the Process of Regulation of Land Relations     253