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RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre


RevCAD 35/2023 Editorial Board  


 A.D. Clepe, C.B. Vîlceanu, A.M. Moscovici, S. Herban, C. Grecea - On The Use of Remote Sensing Satellite Imagery and Thematic Mapping for Cultural Purposes      7  

M. Luca, V. Dominte (Croitoru), N. Marcoie, I. Agapie (Mereută) - Verification of Topographic Drawing Parameters of Water Outlets at Earth Dams      15  

I.C. Marțincu, I.E. Todirică, P. Stoica, A. Zaborilă, I. Giurma-Handley - Determination of the Impervious Surfaces in an Urban Development Area Using GIS Methods      25

A. Postavaru, C. R. Giurma-Handley - Research and Case Studies on Water Losses in Distribution Networks Using GPR and Drones with Thermal Cameras      31   

 A. Topolniceanu, I. Balan, C. Pricop, I.E. Balan, C.R.  Giurma-Handley, L. Crenganiș - Runoff Simulation Through the Non-Permanent Accumulation Ciurea Using HEC-RAS 2D      41


L. Oprea, I. Ienciu, V.M. Marinescu - Judicial Expertise in the Reglementation of Cadastral Delimitation       51


I.A. Berindeie, L. Oprea, T. Borșan - GIS Modeling for Volumetric Analysis of Aggregates Extracted from a Quarry       59


I.A. Berindeie - Efficiency in Interpolation with MATLAB and Related Programs for Advanced Topographic Analyses       65


A.P. Aloman, S.A. Dreghici - Stability Monitoring of a Rockfill Dam       73


M.E. Koncsag, M. Damian (Grin) - The Role of Property Titles in Romania       79


G.E. Voicu, T. Borșan - Aspects Regarding the Release of Property Titles According to Law No. 123/2023       85