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RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre
RevCAD 21 / 2016



RevCAD 21/2016 Cover
A. C. Badea, G. Badea - Business Analyst Online and ArcGIS Online     5
N. Boş, M. Palamariu - Considerations on the Elaboration of Real Estate Records in Romania     11
I. Botnarenco - Information System of the Real Estate Cadastre in the Republic of Moldova     23
A. N. Dabija, D. Lăcătuşu (Răboj), D. Onose - The Monitoring Process of a Volcanic Deformation      33
A. Dreghici - Deformation Analysis in Case of Concrete Dams      39
R. Farcaş, T. Sălăgean, M. Palamariu, S. Naş, M. Ortelecan - Considerations Regarding the Stability of Landmarks and Topographic Marks Placed in a Field of Salt Probes     45
V. Grama, A. Avanzi, L. Căpăţînă, E. Frank, V. Dilan  - Flood Vulnerability Usage for Flood Risk Assessment in the Republic of  Moldova      51
T. Jancso, P. Engler, P. Udvardy  - Aerial Survey Test Project with DJI Phantom 3 Quadrocopter Drone     59
D. Lăcătuşu (Răboj), A. N. Dabija, D. Onose - Valuation of Specialized Properties-Submerged Lands     67
A.A. Lazăr, D. Pădure - The Judicial Technical Expert"s Involvement in the Clarification of Litigious Situations, from Topography, Cadastre and Geodesy Domain     73
H. Márton  - Cadastral GIS     81
I. Maxim - Making the 1:50.000 Scale Map     85
A. M. Moscovici, C. Grecea - Geographic Information System for Noise Pollution in Relation with Buildings Classification     91
E. Oniga, A. Savu, A. Negrilă  - The Evaluation of CloudCompare Software in the Process of TLS Point Clouds Registration     117
M. Palamariu, I. Tulbure - Land Management for Sustainable Development     125
C. Păunescu, F. Nache, V. Păunescu - Determination Altitudes using ROMPOS     133
C. Pîrvan - Using Geographic Information Systems to Establish Ameliorative Measures      139
S. Popescul - The Analysis of the Cartographical Materials Accuracy in Order to GIS Implementation in Agricultural Cadastre of Moldova Republic     147
G. E. Proca - Considerations on Non-destructive Monitoring Methods used in Masonry Structure Constructions" expertise of the Existing Building Stock     151
G. Sandulache, G. E. Proca - Tax Considerations on Assessing the Value of  Buildings using Methodology Derived from the Implementation of the New Tax Code     157
F. Satmareanu  - Measurement Methods Used in Tracking Behavior in Time of Construction    161
A. G. Tudose, I. Neuner - Solutions for Geodetic Data Interconnection Between Romania and Bulgaria     171
I. Voina, M. Palamariu, I. Neuner, M. Beldea - Overview on the Use Of the Profile Functions Method in Forecasting the Subsidence Phenomenon in the Jiu Valley Mining Basin     179
I. Vorovencii - Soil Erosion Estimation for Secaşelor Plateau, Romania, Using the E30 Model and Landsat Imagery     187
E. Zubco - Subsidization - An Important Factor in Agriculture Development     195
F. Voicu  - Identifying and Using the Natural and Human Resources Found in the  Aghireșu Fabrici - Băgara Region     201
F. Satmareanu  - Tracking Time Behavior in Bridge  - General Considerations    209