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RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre
RevCAD 25 / 2018



RevCAD 25/2018 Cover

  G.  Nistor, C. Onu, G. Săndulache - 200 Years from the Establishment of the Superior School of Land Surveying Engineering in the National  Language from Wallachia (1818-2018). Remember: Gheorghe Lazăr          5
V. Moca, H.I. Hogaș, O. Radu, M. Macovei - The Evolution of Cadastre and Cartography in Romania in the 100 Years from the Great Union (1918-2018)          13
I.  Agapie (Mereuță), M. Luca, L. Crenganiş, G. Nantu - Contributions to Improvement of Immovable Management in Rural Localities using the ARCGIS Platform          25
A. C. Badea, G. Badea - An Overview on Space Time Cube Visualization in GIS          35
I.  Botnarenco, E. Zubco - The Role of Models in Cadastre          43
F.M. Brebu, A.C. Bălă - Comparative Analysis of Specific Deformations Geodetic Reference Systems in Romania          53
O. Buzu - Regarding Valuation Methodology for Tax Assessment of Real Property from the Perspective of International Valuation Standards          61

I. Constantinov, V. Chiriac - Adjustment of GNSS Permanent Stations Network MOLDPOS          67

M. Iacob, V. Chiriac, V. Ciclicci - Study of the Inclinometer Calibration Method using Geodetic Measurements          75

I.M. Pârvu, I.A. Cuibac-Picu, P.I. Dragomir - Pixel Based Classification of Images          83

O. Potinga, V. Seinic - The Use of PAMS (Personal AerialMappingSystem) System to Collect Aerial Geospatial Imagery for the Development of Cadastral Plans          91

C. Pricop, I. Balan, L. Crenganiș, F. Corduneanu, A. Urzică - Runoff Simulation in Large Rural and Urban Areas Using Mike 21 Flexible Mesh Modeling          99

D. Răboj, A.N. Cîrdei - The Valuation Process of Green Buildings in the Context of Urban Development          107

I. Voina, M. Beldea, F.P. Bozu - Coordinate Systems Used Over the Last 100 Years in Romania          115

E. Zubco, I. Botnarenco - The Role of the Regulatory System of Agricultural Land Relations in the Republic of Moldova          125