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RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre
RevCAD 26 / 2019



RevCAD 26/2019 Cover

R.C. Herbei, M.V. Herbei, R. Bertici - Methods of Determination of a Point where a Gallery Breaks Through a Deposit           7
I. Ienciu - Forest Cadastre - Instrument for Analysis and Inventory of Forestry Fund           15
I. Ienciu, R.  Drașovean - The Implications of Topography in the Projects of Industrial Infrastructure           25
M.E. Koncsag, P. Loloiu - The Implementation of Systematic Cadastre in the Commune of Gura Riului, Sector 29, County of Sibiu           33
L. Oprea, M. Barb - Comparative Study on the Institution of Cadastre in International Context           39

L. Oprea, T. Borșan, R.  Drașovean - Using  GIS for the Calculation of Equalization Volumes of Horizontal Platforms           49

D. Popa, L. Oprea, C. Țibea, A.E. Radu - Intervention Measures on Buildings Affecting by Humidity           57

I. Voina, L. O. Dragomir - Digital Modelling of the Land as a Result of the Phenomenon of Mining Subsidence           65

I. Voina, L. O. Dragomir, A. Lăsconi - Monitoring the Minier Subsidence Phenomenon in Valea Arsului Area- Vulcan Mining Exploitation           71

A. Begov Ungur, C. Cosma - The Realization of Database for the Implementation of the Systemic Cadastre in the Territorial Administrative Unit „Cetatea de Baltă”, Alba County           77
T. Borșan, L. Oprea, M. Goronea - Realization of Integrated Geospatial Structures for Data Analysis in the Social Protection Sector of the Pension System           85

Technical News – S.C. TOP GEOCART S.R.L.           95