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RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre
RevCAD 24 / 2018



RevCAD 24/2018 Cover

A. C. Badea, G. Badea - Actual Approaches on the Water Utilities Data Models     5
I. Balan, L. Crenganiș, D. Cazan, M. Diac, C. Bofu - Studies Regarding the Safety in Operation of Mileanca Reservoir     15
V.A. Basdekidou - Blockchain Entrepreneurship: Building Sustainable Cadastral Practices     25
V.A. Basdekidou, A.D. Styliadis - Audit Analytics, Administrative Accounting, Internal Auditing: Cadastre Corporate Governance     39
V.A. Basdekidou, A.D. Styliadis - Corporate Governance, Accounting & Social Risk Management: Accounting Cadastre Data Privacy     51
I. Botnarenco, E. Zubco - The Role of the General Factors in the Formation of the Agricultural Land Value     61
F.M. Brebu , A.C. Bala, T. Borsan - Spatial Data Multi-Dimensional Acquisition using Digital Panoramic Images     71

C.M. Cîmpean, A. Begov Ungur - The Introduction of Systematic Cadastre in Romania. Case Study: The Territorial Administrative Unit Cricău, Alba County     77

M. Diac, L. Crenganis, C. Bofu - Testing LSA Data for Hydrological Risk Maps using GNSS Measurement     87

R.  Drasovean - Use of Digital Terrain Modelling in Calculation of Stone Quarry Volumes to Renew the Exploitation Permit     95

R. Fărcaș (Gâlgău), S. Naș, P. Sestraș, C. Arsene, M. Ortelecan - Aspects Regarding Side Displacement and Deformation as Effect of the Subsidence Process Caused by the Exploitation of Mineral Underground Deposite     101

A. E. Gavrilă - The Position of Abandoned Heating Plants Inside the Urban Lanscape     109

I. Ienciu, A. Cuzic, A.M. Opriș - Techniques for the Computerized Storage of Cadastral Data in Databases     117

T. Jancso, P. Udvardy, K. I. Kovacs - Creating an Interior 3D Model of a Church     121

A. Oancea, T. Borșan - Geographical Information System Applied in Using Solar Energy Resource     131

M. Palamariu, A. Dreghici, I. Tulbure - Considering Building Energy and Environmental Performance for Real Estate Valuation     137

M. Palamariu, I. Tulbure, A. Dreghici - Cartography Targets for Shaping Sustainable Regions     143

C. Păunescu, F. Nache, V. Păunescu, R. Nache - Proposals for the Verification of the Systematic Cadastral Works     151

S. Plăvicheanu, P.I. Dragomir - Innovative Geospatial Technologies for the Aviation Industry     161

E.A. Polyzou, L. Sechidis, E.Giagtzoglou - ICT Design Tool for Children’s Participation on Schoolyard Transformation     165

A.A. Styliadou - Introducing a Corporate Registry with Spatial, Cadastre and CSR Functionalities     173
A.A. Styliadou - Expropriation & Compensation in Greek Land Property Law in Comparison with the ECHR: Reviewing Cases and Discussing Property Management with DLT/Blockchain Functionalities     183
E. Zubco, I. Botnarenco, O. Mocreac - The Influence of Land Relations on the Legal Forms of Organization     193