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RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre


RevCAD 32/2022 Cover

RevCAD 32/2022 Editorial Board


I. Agapie (Mereuță), L. Crenganiș, D. Mereuță, M. Luca - Comparative Analysis Regarding GIS Interpolation Methods in the Problems of Spatial Analysis and Obtaining MDT       7

G Badea, A.C. Badea - Analysis on the Dynamics and Vulnerability of the Areas Covered by Forests, Harghita County       17  

I.A. Berindeie, L. Oprea - Implications of Topography in Road Bridge Infrastructure Development Projects       27

L.L. Boca, A. Begov-Ungur, C. Beygo, M.B. Baypinar - The Importance of Visual Communication of Urban Planning Information Published by Local Public Administrations       35   

I. Chiriac, L.N. Lopatenco, A. Vlasenco - Spatial Information Management in Creating of Digital Atlas of Moldova       41

A.P. Grădinaru, A.C. Badea, P.I. Dragomir - Using GIS Tools to Analyse Emergency and Civil Protection Situations Specific Issues       51

M. Luca, I. Agapie (Mereuță) - Research on the Topology of Earth Dam by using GNSS Technology       59

 G. Nistor, C. Onu, C.I. Greșiță, D. Pădure, M. Diac - Considerations on the Use of Geodetic and Satellite Methods in the Study and Monitoring of Building Behaviour       69

 A.S. Pavelescu, A.C. Badea, C. Croitoru - Analyzing Air Quality Using GIS Tools       75


 P. Udvardy, T. Jancso - Integrating Remotely Sensed Data for Rural Environmental Studies       85


M. Salcudean Dacian Fortress Apoulon - Historical-Cartographic Convergences       97


 C.M. Cîmpean - The Development of a Geospatial Database Regarding the Calculation of Land Taxes and Duty System       103


 A.C. Badea, G. Badea, A.F.C. Negrilă, P.I. Dragomir - Problem Based Learning vs Challenge Based Learning in Geodetic Engineering       111


 A.P. Grădinaru, A.C. Badea, P.I. Dragomir - Classifying LiDAR Point Cloud Using Bentley Microstation Terrasolid and ArcGIS Pro Software Products       123


 T. Borșan - John Snow"s Map: A Retrospective Analysis of Decision-Making in the Face of Epidemics       137


 V. Seician, T. Borșan, A. Dreghici - Complex of Topo-Cadastral Works for the Extension of the Quarry Exploitation Area       145