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RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre
RevCAD 27 / 2019




RevCAD 27/2019 Cover

 A.C. Badea, G. Badea - Modern Methods for Spatial Urban Planning       7
I. Balan, C. Pricop, L. Crengăniș, F. Corduneanu, M. Diac, A. Berindean - Studies Regarding the Safety in Operation of Vulturești Polder. Case Study – A Comparison Between the Floods Transited on Bârlad River       15
O. Balotă, D. Iordan, G. Popescu, D. Ilie - Advanced UAV Lidar System for Geospatial Data Collection       21
A. Dănilă, I.C. Marțincu, R. Giurma-Handley - Modelling the Urban Surface Water in the Westerlo. Case Study       33
V. Grama, A. Vlasenco, A. Avanzi, T. Dominato - Methodology for Identification of Lakes Destined for Liquidation in the Republic of Moldova       43

M. Luca, I. Lateş, L. Crengăniş, A.L. Luca - Contribution on the Adduction Pipes Cadastre for Potable Water       51

A. Morărescu, S. Herban - Integrated Management in Development of the Cadaster Works for a Sustainable Real Estate Market       59

L. Nistor-Lopatenco, A. Tabacaru -  Determination of Agglomerations in the Prut River Basin of Republic of Moldova According to  EU Directive 91/271/EEC      65
C.M. Paerele, M. Telisca, C.R. Giurma-Handley - Implementation of the SCS-CN Model in the G.I.S. Environment       75

V. Roib - A Database Management System in Real Estate Assessment       83

 A. Sărăcin - Intelligent Transportation and Telematics       89
V. Seinic - Application of UAV Technology (Drones) in Forest Cadastre       97
I.  Voina,  L. Oprea - Methods of Identifying the Property within the Judicial Technical Expertise       105
I.  Voina, F. Voicu, G.E. Voicu - The Creation of a Digital Database for the Land-Book Registry      113
F. Voicu, G.E. Voicu, I. Voina - Legislative News Concerning the Authorization of the Construction Works      121
G.E. Voicu, F. Voicu, I. Voina - Registration of the Property Right in Accordance with Law No. 231/2018      129

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