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RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre



RevCAD 16/2014 Cover
In Memoriam Prof. PhD. Eng. Florea Zăvoianu     5

O. Bădescu, A. Călin, P.D. Dumitru, M. Plopeanu, D.A. Nedelcu - Mobile Platform for Astro-Geodetic Determinations     7
N. Boş, M. Palamariu, M.S. Puşcaş - Study on the Possibilities of the Geodetic Support Network Development by Using the National Triangulation Network     15
A. Călin, A. Gînţa, P.D. Dumitru - Programming the Free Adjustement of the Precise Leveling Measurements     25
M. Cârdei - Aspects Regarding the Study of the Real Estate Dynamics in a Locality     34
C. Ciuculescu, C. Păunescu - Challenges of the Modem Aerial Photogrammetry     40
C. Didulescu, A. Savu, C. Coşarcă, A. Sărăcin, A.F. Negrilă - Querying the Component Data of a Graphical Cadastral Database Using Visual LISP Program     48
P.I. Dragomir, A.F.C. Negrilă, A. Sărăcin - Geodesic Techniques Used to Monitoring the Wind Turbines Towers     56
D.P. Dumitru, A. Călin, M. Plopeanu, O. Bădescu, D. Badea - GNSS Support for Bathymetry     64
I. Dumitrescu, D. Badea, M. Plopeanu, D.P. Dumitru, A. Călin, O. Bădescu - Some Particularities in Generation of Ortophoto Process     72
I. Greşită, Gh. Nistor - The Use of Physical and Geodetic Methods in Tracking the Construction Activity Behaviour     82
I. Greşită, Gh. Nistor, I. Maican - Analysis of Displacements for Flue Gas Desulphurization Unit of Termal Power Plant Turceni     90
M.R. Gridan, C. Grecea - 3D Modeling Using Freeware     96
I.S. Herban, C.B. Vîlceanu, A. Alionescu - Application of Close-Range Photogrammetry to Cultural Heritage     104
H.I. Hogaş, M. Cârdei, C. Bofu - Using Quantum GIS to Identify the Writing Errors in Property Titles within Cadastral Works     112
C. Hutanu, D. Pădure - Suggestions on Improving the Agricultural Informaţional System Created to Support Farmers in România     121
A.Ş. Ilie - Geostatistics Kriging Method as a Special Case of Geodetic Least-Squares Collocation     127
A.Ş. Ilie - Combining GNSS and Terrestrial Observations in 2D Geodetic Networks Through Sequential Adjustment     135
T. Jancso - Accuracy of Digital Terrain Models Generated by Image Matching     143
A. Jocea, C. Cristea - Integration of Terrestrial Laser Scanning and GIS Techniques     149
L. Kapeta, C. Kyriakou, M. Xygki - Ancient Philippi: Connection and Designation of Urban & Suburban Area of Krinides     157
D. Lăcătuşu (Răboj), D. Onose - Valuation Approaches Applied to Valuation of Lands with Special Destination     165
A.A. Lazăr, D. Pădure, C. Pîrvu – Using GIS for a Database on Agricultural Land     170
A. Loghin, E. Oniga - The Influence of Camera Calibration Parameters on 3D Buildings Models Creation     178
A. Mancia, M. S. Mancia - Economic Crisis and Real Estate Properties Values     186
B. Markus - Developing Sustainable Courses in Geoinformatics     190
V. Mihalcea, D. Onose - EDM Calibration - Instrument Constants and Errors     198
V. Mihalcea, D. Onose - Research Regarding the Settings of Surveying EDM Instruments in Laboratory and on the Field     204