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RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

RevCAD Journal of Geodesy and Cadastre



RevCAD 18/2015 Cover
C. Păunescu, C. Vasile, C. Ciuculescu - Considerations for GNSS Measurements     5
C. Bofu, C. Boariu - Spatial Analysis on the 3D Model of the Terrain to Determine the Height of the Recipitation Layer     14
C. Bofu, C. Boariu, M. Diac - Spatial Analysis Pperformed Based on the Numerical Model of the Elevation using Autodesk Map Platform     21
I.C. Greşiţă,  I. Maican, D. Nica - The Role of Specialist Surveyor in Inventory Committee Constituted for the Application of Law 165/2013     27
M.R. Gridan, C. Grecea - 3D Modeling Methods – Overview and Comparison      35
A.A. Lazăr, C. Pîrvan - Experimental Model Evaluation on Agricultural Land      45
M. Palamariu, E.I. Peună, A.S. Dreghici - The Use of UAV’s in Topo-Cadastral Measurements     55
A.M. Loghin, V.E. Oniga - Digital Images and Total Station Measurements Fusion for 3D Buildings Models Creation      64
M. Cârdei, H.I. Hogaş, C. Bofu - The Land Inventory in the Context of Implementing The 165/2013 Law St Surveyor in Inventory Committee Constituted for the Application of Law 165/2013     72

S. Cucorean, T. Cucorean  - A Comparative Analysis of Software Packages Enabling The Development of Specific Information Systems for Various Economic Sectors      80

I. Nichersu, M. Mierla, I. Grigoras, A. Nastase, C. Trifanov,  I. Nichersu - High-Resolution Digital Cartographic Support for Biodiversity and Resources Assessment in Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve     89

D. Lepadatu, L. Judele, G. Sandulache, R. Mitroi - Statistical Analysis of Prices Evolution for Real Estate Urban Cadastre of Iasi      99
R. Oprea, D. Curea, E. Chirila (Acatrinei) - Database of Agricultural Land Quality Index in Mădârjac Village, Iaşi County      106 
I. Nichersu, T. Pogan, M. Burlacu, C. Matica, C. Trifanov, M. Mierlă - Unmanned Aerial Systems – Operational Aspects for Colonial Breeding Waterbird Species Monitoring      116 
C. Pîrvan, A.A. Lazăr - Proposed Solutions for a Textual Structured Database Related to the Data Provided by the General Cadastre     126
R. Oprea, D. Curea  - Quality Index Establishment and Evaluation of Agricultural Land in the Mădârjac Administrative-Territorial Unit, Iaşi County      132 
C. Pîrvan,  A.A. Lazăr - Proposed Solutions for a Textual Stuctured Database Information System of Lands with Build in Irrigation Works      142
I.C. Savoiu - Land Administration Domain Model: Opportunities for Enhancing Systematic Registration in Romania      147