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RevCAD 12/2012 Cover
Gh. Nistor, Gh. Chitea - Our Colleague – Professor Aurel Rusu Cellebrated His 95th Anniversary    5
  A. C. Badea, Gh. Badea - Comparative Study on How to Register Property in Other Countries     7
M. Afrasinei, M. Palamariu, F. Varlam, S. Apostol - Vertical Deformation Determination for Bridges by Loading with Test Convoys     15
M. Cardei, R. M. Mihalache (Ficiuc) - Aspects Regarding the Necessity of a Unique Management of All the Cadastral Information in theLocal Public Administration     21
C. Cristea - Conventional and Unconventional GIS Applications     29
V. Danciu, T. Rus., C. Moldoveanu, A. Calin, C. Marcu - Aspects of Geodetic Practice in the Area of Vrancioaia Geodynamic Micropolygon     35
 L. Devriendt, J. Bonne, C. Dumitru - Orbit GT Bridges the Gap Between Airborne and Mobile Mapping     43
C. Didulescu, A. Savu - Some Aspects Regarding the Implementation of the Integrated System on Cadastre and Real Estate Publicity e-Terra     53
P. Gadei, I. Husaru - 3D City Modelling using Conventional Surveying Methods – Applications and Advantages     59
N. Hasanagas, E. Marselou, A. Styliadis, E. Papadopoulou, C. Kakali - University Campus Quantitative Analysis with Socio-Spatial Functionality: the Alexander Institute of Technology (Thessaloniki) Case Study     65
I. S. Herban, A. Alionescu - Creating 3D Model and Bathymetric Contour Map using a Modern Topographical Approach     73
A. Ionascu - Implementing a Wireless Positioning System in a Complex Architecture Building     79
 A. Ionascu - Influence of the Mobile Device Height on the RSSI in a WLAN Positioning System     87
 R.M. Mihalache (Ficiuc) - Coordinate Transformations for Integrating Map Information in the New Geocentric European System using Artificial Neuronal Networks     97
 I.M. Moisoiu, J. Neuner - Improvements of Underground Utility Mapping Methods     105
D. C. Nica, D. Padure, G. Mihai - Aspects Regarding the Informational System of Land Registry Office     109
S. Nistor, A. S. Buda - Relative Positioning Versus Precise Point Positioning     117
Gh. Nistor, Cr. Onu, I. C-tin Gresita - Contributions to Removing Indetermination in Obtainin the Fixed Landmarks Elevations of the Reference Network, in the Study of Vertical Behaviour of Buildings     125
E. Oniga, M. Sutu - On Automatic Texture Growing from Voronoi Computed Building Façade Surfaces using Color Similarity Detection     133
 D. Padure, D. C. Nica - Aspects Concerning the Selection of Technical Solutions for Rehabilitation and Modernization of a City Geodetic Network     141
N.S. Suba, S. Suba - Possibilities of Implementing the Quality Standards for Spatial Data into Cadastral Works     149

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