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RevCAD 19/2015 Cover
V. Chiriac, A. Vlasenco - The Study of Oblique Mercator Projection for Large Scale Mapping of the Territory of the Republic of Moldova     7
A.M. Loghin, V.E. Oniga - The Three-Dimensional Geodetic Networks Adjustement Automation using Matlab    15
S. Nistor, A.S.Buda - Modelling the Noise in GPS Coordinate Time Series    23
M. Tsakiri, V. Pagounis, V. Zacharis - Procedure for GNSS Equipment Verification in Static Positioning    31
C.Chirilă, I.A. Căsăndrescu - Study on Application of Microtrilateration Geodetic Network for Monitoring of Hydrotechnical Constructions    41
R. Farcas, N. Dima, S. Nas, A.Porutiu - Considerations Regarding the Stability of Topographic Landmarks Placed on a Salt Probes Field    49
D. Onose, T. Sălăgean, M. Ortelecan, R. Farcas, A. Savu, C. Cosarcă - Aspects Regarding the Subsidence Parameters Monitoring in Conditions of Salt Deposits    55
A. C. Rădulescu, C. I. Vintilă, P.I. Dragomir - Integration of Surface and Underground Utility Network Surveying Technologies    63
A. Savu, C. Cosarcă, C. Didulescu, A. Sărăcin, T. Sălăgean - Making Data Bank for Operating Tunnels    71
N. S. Suba, Ș. Suba - Engineering Activities Regarding the Startup of a Metallic Bridge Over the Crișul Repede River    79
C.I. Vintilă, A. Rădulescu, P.I. Dragomir - Monitoring Technologies of Dynamic Phenomena of “Bucharest One” Tower    85
D. Badea, P. Dumitru, O. Badescu, D. Vasilca - Oil Spill Detection using Radar    95
D. Butnariu, V.E. Oniga, F. Statescu - A New Expeditious Method for Buildings 3D Models Creation    103
A. Cantemir, A.N. Visan, N. Parvulescu, M. Dogaru - The Use Of LiDAR Data in the Process of Topographic Maps Updating    113
M.R. Gridan, C. Grecea - Digital Terrain Model – Overview and Draw Up    121
N.V. Iurist (Dumitrașcu), V.E. Oniga, F. Statescu - Comparative Study on Digital Terrain Models Created Based on ALS Data and Pleiades Images    127
A.M. Loghin, V.E. Oniga - A Comparative Study on Camera Calibration Algorithms    135
M.C. Petrila - Object Oriented Classification - A Comparative Study of Two ENVI Feature Extraction Methods    145
I. Botnarenco - Multi-Purpose Integrity of Cadastre    153
M. Cârdei, D. Pădure, C. Savu - Considerations Regarding the Acquisition of Information Used in Cadastre    165
H.I. Hogas, M. Cârdei, C. Bofu - Considerations Regarding the Achievement of Sporadic Cadastre in Romania    171
M. Palamariu, I. Voina - Realising The Technical-Judicial Expertise using the Topo-Cadastral Database Created During the Habsburg Empire    179
S. Popescul - The Object of Agricultural Cadastre in the Republic of Moldova    185
G. Sandulache, D. Lepadatu, L. Judele, V. Mocreac - Urban Real Estate Cadaster of Iasi Between Past and Present. Statistical Analysis of Price Trend    195
E. Zubco - Legal Aspects Concerning the Regulation of Land Relations in the Republic of Moldova    203


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